Rival QB Goes Viral For Hilarious Explanation Of How Absurdly Talented Georgia’s Defense Was In 2021

Jordan Yates scrambles from the defense.

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Former Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates was heard recently explaining to fans just how talented Georgia’s national title winning defense was in 2021. That squad ranked as one of the best statistically of all-time.

The Bulldogs posted a 12-1 record in that ’21 campaign, and while they didn’t win the SEC championship, they were able to get revenge over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff final.

Now, the 2022 Bulldogs would also go on to win a title this past year, but that was done with a much-improved offense. Stetson Bennett became a Heisman candidate and players like Brock Bowers and Ladd McConkey became household names.

While much of that offensive firepower was on the roster the year prior, the 2021 team was all defense.

Look no further than the NFL draft where the Bulldogs saw five defenders selected in the first round, including No. 1 overall pick Travon Walker. That unit allowed just 10.2 points per game, which ranked first in the nation.

One player that was forced to go up against that squad has now taken to social media to let the college football world know just how talented they were.

Jordan Yates, a former signal caller for the rival Yellow Jackets, posted a video that’s now gone viral talking about how difficult it was to go up against the Georgia defense that season.

“I hate Georgia with all my heart, so it pains me to talk about it, but let me tell you how it went [in 2021]. Everybody knows just how good this defense was, like they had five first round picks…

“So, at the beginning of each game, we would always meet with our coaches and have a big unit meeting with the whole offense talking about your opponent…

“One of our assistants goes up there talking about them, like, ‘Yeah, they’re a really fast defense, big d-line, linebackers are fast, blah, blah, blah…’ Then another coach who was also in the meeting was like, ‘No, f— that. Tell ’em how it is, Mike. Tell ’em how it really is.’ 

“So, my boy Mike just pauses and says, ‘Well, statistically, this is the best college defense ever. They’re averaging about 12 points a game and they haven’t given up a rushing TD all season.’

“Then we got in the game… The best way to describe it was the field was small playing against them. They were so big and fast… you can’t really go side-to-side. You can only go forward.”

He would go on to talk about his best play of the game, which was a five-yard run.

“I had this little five-yard run on 2nd-and-4, like I got up and I thought I was him.”

He also noted that he got a concussion before the game was over from taking hit after hit from that vaunted Georgia defense. He also mentioned a bit of the weirdest trash talk he’s ever heard. When the game was ending, a Bulldog player said, “Wow, y’all were so unprepared.”

Not what you’d typically expect when thinking about smack talk.

Fans were quick to react to the video online.

Goergia Tech would lose that game in blowout fashion, 45-0. You have to respect the honesty of Jordan Yates.

Jacob Elsey
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