Jorge Masvidal Says He Would Be A ‘Legitimate’ Threat To Beat Canelo Alvarez In A Boxing Match

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Jorge Masvidal is feeling himself after being the named the “Baddest Motherfucker” in MMA.

At UFC 244 Masvidal won the inaugural ‘BMF’ title after beating down Nate Diaz for three rounds which led to a controversial doctor’s stoppage.

Following his big win, Masvidal spoke to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani about his future and he said that he wouldn’t mind switching sports and taking on Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match.

“I’m dead serious about fighting Canelo Alvarez,” “If they give me nice little change, I will take my talents over there. I’m going or the off button man. I feel like I can shock the world.”

Masvidal went on to explain he believes he would be a “legitimate” threat to beat Canelo in boxing.

“In the wake of Conor and Mayweather, it showed me a lot of things that I thought were good and bad,”. “I saw they can’t read us as well as they can read a boxer. Our movements are different. How we cover distance is different. Those things give them problems.

“I think I can throw enough punches that I can attack Canelo and put him on his ass. I’d be going for the knockout, obviously. Nothing else. This is not to disrespect Canelo, because I think the dude is a beast. I think he’s a stud. It would be an honor to get in the ring with him. But he did say some s— like no MMA fighter would be a challenge and this and that. I beg to differ.”

I’m not sure if Masvidal saw what Canelo did Sergey Kovalev because if he did I don’t think he’d be talking so much.

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