Jose Canseco Is Asking Trump To Be The Head Of The Federal Reserve, Because Why Not?

by 1 year ago
Jose Canseco plays in Golden Baseball League

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Everyone wants to be close to the Donald Trump flame when he enters the White House in a few weeks. Including steroid-using ex-baseball players prone to accidentally gun injuries like Jose Canseco.

Using his favorite social network Twitter, Canseco made a pitch for why he should be the Federal Reserve chair and run the United States central banking system. Trump has said in the past that he’s not a big fan for current Fed chair Janet Yellen, who might raise interest rates as soon as this week.

As Bloomberg notes, this is not the first time the former MLBer took such a keen interest in the economy:


What a time to be alive. And the craziest thing is that all this doesn’t seem totally unfeasible.

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