Jose Canseco’s Finger Falling Off, Much Like The Man Himself, Was One Big Joke

Jose Canseco


Holy shit everyone! Jose Canseco got us! He fooled us all! For those of you who don’t pay close attention to drugged up ex-baseball players who spent their entire career cheating the system who didn’t care to catch him.

Canseco’s finger fucked us all because he never lost a digit in a poker tourney and never put it up on eBay and never “lost it.” It was all clever ruse pulled by a guy we still all pay attention to for some reason.

Canseco explained the whole story to TMZ Sports.

We contacted Canseco about video he says he shot of the finger fail — and when push came to shove … he had to cop to the prank. Jose says he cooked up the plan when he came across the fake finger in a Halloween store.

Speaking of Halloween, next year I’m going to dress up as “Baseball Hall Of Famer” Jose Canseco. Kidding. He’ll never sniff the HOF but he does have something in common with the hallowed hall — both involve massive busts.

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