You Can Now Be The Proud Owner Of Jose Canseco’s Dismembered Middle Finger Because He’s Planning To Sell It On eBay


Remember how Jose Canseco blew off his middle finger a few weeks ago while cleaning his gun? And then how he cried about it? Golly gee whiz, those were some great times! And even MORE great times are headed our way, since Jose Canseco is now planning to sell that very same finger on eBay.





But who would buy a product without having at least seen what it is first? While Canseco did tweet a photo of his fucked up finger a few weeks ago, he’s subsequently taken it down…but the Internet doesn’t forget, people. So here’s a screenshot of that very same tweet:


Miami Herald

Fun stuff. Unfortunatley for Canseco, eBay doesn’t allow the sale of human body parts over their site, but knowing Canseco he’ll find a way…or not.

Probably not.

[H/T Death and Taxes, image via Miami Herald]

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