MLB Fans React To Josh Donaldson Issuing Apology To Tim Anderson, Family Of Jackie Robinson

MLB Fans React To Josh Donaldson Issuing Apology To Tim Anderson

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  • Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson was suspended for calling Tim Anderson “Jackie” during Saturday’s game.
  • On Thursday, he issued a written apology to the White Sox shortstop and the family of Jackie Robinson.
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During last Saturday’s game between the Yankees and White Sox, New York third baseman Josh Donaldson and Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson got into an altercation after Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie.”

It was the second dustup between the two players in two weeks as in the previous series between the teams Anderson took offense to Donaldson leaning on him during an attempted pickoff play at third.

Donaldson, upon seeing Anderson during Saturday’s game, asked him in the first inning, “What’s up, Jackie?”

Anderson took offense to the remark even though Donaldson claimed he was referring to a 2019 Sports Illustrated article in which Anderson referred to himself as “today’s Jackie Robinson.”

“In the first inning, I called him Jackie, let me give you a little context on that,” Donaldson said after the game. “In 2019, he came out in an interview and said he was the new Jackie Robinson of baseball and that he was going to bring back fun to the game. In 2019, when I played in Atlanta, we joked about that in the game. I don’t know what’s changed from then.”

Donaldson received a one-game suspension from Major League Baseball, was fined an undisclosed amount, and is appealing the suspension.

Many, including Stephen A. Smith, didn’t believe what Donaldson did, especially given his explanation, warranted a suspension.

Josh Donaldson apologized for his “Jackie” remark, but not everyone is buying it

On Thursday, Donaldson, who is no stranger to having to mend fences, issued a statement apologizing to Anderson and the family of Jackie Robinson.

“First and foremost, I have the utmost respect for what Tim Anderson brings to the game of baseball. I stated over the weekend that I apologized for offending Tim and that it was a misunderstanding based on multiple exchanges between us over the years. My view of that exchange hasn’t changed and I absolutely meant no disrespect. In the past, it had never been an issue and now that it is, we have a mutual understanding.

“I would also like to apologize to Mrs. Rachel Robinson and the Jackie Robinson family for any distress this incident may have caused. Jackie was a true American hero and I hold his name in the highest regard.”

Major League Baseball fans had a wide variety of reactions to Donaldson’s apologies.