Josh Donaldson Clowned For Embarrassingly Being Tagged Out After Thinking He Hit A HR

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Josh Donaldson is one of those players you either love or hate. For Yankees fans, he’s the type of guy you want on your side. He’s a player that fights to defend his teammates in the locker room, and he has a way of getting under the skin of opponents.

For those that play against the third baseman, though, he’s a pest.

I mean, the man went from being the most beloved player in Toronto to being booed by Blue Jay fans this past season.

So, when there’s an opportunity for foes to throw shots at Donaldson, there’s a long line of folks waiting their turn. Those opposing fans got their wish on Tuesday as the infielder had an embarrassing moment caught in New York’s ALDS series against the Guardians.

Josh Donaldson was tagged out after rounding first base, believing he’d hit a HR.

Donaldson sent a blast to the right field wall, where the ball appeared to find its way to the bleachers. On second look, though, the hit careened off the very top of the outfield fence, bouncing back into play.

Thinking he’d just launched a HR, Donaldson trotted around the bases, even high fiving his first base coach as he rounded the bag. Unbeknownst to him, the ball had been tossed back into the infield.

Donaldson was quickly tagged out, turning a homer into an out and taking a perceived run off the scoreboard.

The internet was quick to clown him for the embarrassing mistake.

MLB writer Bryan Hoch said, “Josh Donaldson went into his home run trot on a ball that remained in play. After review, call on the field is confirmed, and he’s out at first base.”

Journalist Aaron Rupar simply wrote, “That was the most Josh Donaldson play that ever Josh Donaldson’d.”

This fan posted, “Josh Donaldson is the husband who says he did the dishes but didn’t even hit the start button on the dishwasher.”

While another viewer commented, “Only Josh Donaldson could have the entire stadium thinking he hit a home run then get thrown out 2 seconds later.”

At least the mishap didn’t come back to bite the Yankees. New York took Game 1 in the series, 4-1. Donaldson will likely watch the ball leave the park the next time he thinks he’s hit a HR.