Josh Jacobs Gives Solution To ‘Stupid’ New Pro Bowl Format And Fans Agree

Josh Jacobs walks off the field.

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Josh Jacobs is not having a good time at the Pro Bowl. The Raiders running back had some less than complimentary words about the game’s new setup.

That format includes a trio of flag football games, as well as skills competitions to decide the winning side. Many are siding with Jacobs on his opinion of the Pro Bowl weekend.

The NFL announced the new rules changes for the AFC-NFC faceoff earlier this year, and even then, it was met with hesitation from fans. The seeming lack of interest in the new format was proven true after ratings absolutely bombed for the event’s skills contests.

Josh Jacobs was asked about his thoughts on the new Pro Bowl setup over the weekend. These were his thoughts…

“This s— is stupid.”

He soon doubled down on that opinion by offering a better solution for those selected to future All-Star games.

Many online agreed, with one person posting, “We’re not watching it either… This is ridiculous. Send you guys to Cabo and film it, whatever. You’re right, this is stupid.”

Another fan wrote, “I’m glad a player said it because we were thinking it.”

Others had an idea that might solve both issues, writing, “Go back to the old format in Hawaii.”

The Pro Bowl has been a topic of discussion for some time, now. Like many All-Star games around other sports, viewers have become less and less interested in watching. The decline in ratings has led to experimentation in the event’s format, as well as boost in frustration from those involved.

Many have recommended scrapping the game altogether.

Josh Jacobs said what many are thinking about this year’s Pro Bowl. We’ll see if the league takes the criticism into consideration when discussing future options.