FS1 Host Joy Taylor’s Jaw-Dropping Kentucky Derby Dress Goes Viral

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Fox Sports 1 host Joy Taylor is anywhere and everywhere these days.

The “Speak” host first turned heads in a big way at Coachella just a few weeks back.

She then had people talking with a stunning red dress that she wore to the big fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia.

Now Taylor has stolen the show yet again. This time, it was a Churchill Downs in Louisville for the 149th annual Kentucky Derby.

Taylor had her Instagram followers in awe with a jaw-dropping red dress paired with a traditional Kentucky Derby hat.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle,” one commenter said on the post.

“They should just crown you,” said another.

But Taylor is more than just a pretty face. On a recent episode of “Speak”, she called out former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger for his criticism of Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson.

“You can’t draft a pocket passer anymore. You can’t do it. If a guy is in the draft and he is a statue in the pocket, he will drop in the draft,” she said.  “It will be a negative thing, correct? But if he runs and he’s elite at it, then he ‘can’t throw,’ even if the numbers say something different.

I just need you to explain to me why do these numbers not back up this idea,” Taylor said. “And what bothers me, particularly about Lamar Jackson, is Lamar has had to answer this since the beginning of this career. Like in college, ‘Is he a tight end? Is he a wide receiver? How’s he gonna look in the NFL?’ He looks fine. He won an MVP.”

Taylor cuts a popular figure among both viewers and her coworkers. So it’s no surprise to see her ascent through the sports media world. And it appears she’s built a pretty strong social media brand for herself as well.