J.R. Smith Joins The Rest Of The Internet In Blasting ESPN For Ranking Klay Thompson As 49th Best Player In The NBA

MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

I’ve been doing this internet thing long enough to know that no one will ever agree on a list of subjective rankings. You can have a ranking of Starburst flavors and they’ll be one sociopath singing yellow’s song.

So, I always remind myself that these lists are ultimately meaningless and typically just slapped together to generate some #engagement.

But, I am only human and cannot hold my tongue on this fucking ESPN list of 2019’s Best NBA Players. Most notably, Klay Thompson at #49. FORTY NINE. That’s 14 spots behind Jayson Tatum and seven behind Zion. ZION HASN’T EVEN PLAYED A REGULAR SEASON GAME.

Even if Klay’s ACL injury played a role in his shitty ranking, you cannot tell me that one of the greatest shooters in NBA history would only have a role on the 10th best starting 5 league-wide.

The dude scored 52 points in 27 minutes.


Smith joined the rest of NBA Twitter to call attention to Thompson’s meddling ranking.


At the very least, this gross injustice birthed some highly entertaining reactions from the fine people of this great country.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of this doo doo list, head over to ESPN…

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