J.R. Smith’s Explanation For Giving Up The Easiest Two Points In NBA History Is So J.R. Smith It Hurts

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The best thing that’s happened to J.R. Smith is that he’s buddied up with LeBron James. The two have been spotted out together on multiple occasions, most recently at the Ohio State/Michigan football game, and LeBron has publicly expressed J.R.’s importance in the Cavs success. And being LeBron vetted is like having the keys to the castle, right David Blatt? Too soon.

That’s why when J.R., who signed a 4-year, $57 million contract with the Cavs this offseason, reverted into the old J.R. with a mind-numbingly boneheaded play in the second quarter of last night’s loss to the Bucks, it will likely be forgiven and forgotten.

Smith, for a reason only he knows, ventured to the Bucks bench to shake hands with Jason Terry, leaving his man wide open for the easiest two points in NBA history.

J.R. Smith and Jason Terry have had a checkered past, boiling over in 2013 after Smith was suspended for a playoff game after elbowing Terry in the face. It seems like the two have buried the hatchet.

After the game, J.R. cleared the blunder up. Just kidding, he couldn’t give a fuck less.

Never change, J.R. You crazy bastard.

[h/t Deadspin]

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