Are We Supposed To Be Impressed That J.R. Smith Finished His Homework?

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  • People are very excited that J.R. Smith finished his English homework.
  • Smith recently enrolled at NC A&T and is tweeting about his college experience.
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J.R. Smith is attending college for the first time in his life at 35-years-old and will tee it up for North Carolina A&T’s golf team as he pursues a degree in liberal studies. As his college journey gets underway, he’s been updating his followers on Twitter about his experience, just like plenty of other college students do.

On Thursday night he shared that he finished his English homework and some folks on Twitter reacted as if he had just done the unthinkable. The number of complete strangers saying ‘so proud of you’ and ‘you’re an inspiration’ is honestly a bit weird.

I’m all for Smith pursuing a degree after making millions in the NBA. By no means did he need a degree, the man doesn’t have to work another day in his life, but he wants that piece of paper, wants the college experience, and him being able to be a college athlete even after a professional sports career is awesome. Plus, I totally get that Smith going to school at his age does inspire others to get in the classroom, but let’s settle down just a bit.

Smith’s story is cool because it’s unique, but why is it that when he finishes up a homework assignment people react as if he just saved a child from a burning building? The dude wrote a short story, which we don’t even know is any good, and he’s all of a sudden an inspiration to so many.

When you do a simple breakdown, adults doing homework and being praised for it by other adults is strange.

He completed his homework, just like every other good college student does. How inspirational.

Maybe I’m just jealous of Smith getting all of this praise for doing a totally normal college task. If any other student that isn’t a millionaire, former NBA player tweeted that they finished their English homework not one person would notice, and if they did, they’d just be called a nerd.