JuJu Smith-Schuster Shoots His Shot On Twitter With Elastigirl From ‘The Incredibles’

Getty Image/Incredibles Composite

We’ve all been on the unnamed sites that we open in Incognito mode and have immediately been met by a banner  of the lovely Lois Griffin engaging in an act unfit for cable television. We contemplate the click, but the shred of integrity we have left prohibits it. Probably good for everyone, including Peter Griffin.

Steelers’ receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is evidently not one of those dudes, he’s a pixel pounder, as I like to call them. JuJu decided to take the road less traveled in shooting his shot on the internet, directing his desires toward a Elastigirl from The Incredibles franchise.

Myles Garrett, 2017’s number 1 overall pick in Smith-Schuster’s draft class, zeroed in on the character trait that is so attractive about Elastigirl. Is it her courage? Her sharp wit and unparalleled espionage skills? Her ability to stretch any part of her body up to 300 feet? Nah, bruh. Everyone agrees on one thing.

Twitter decided to play watchdog on this one.

We’ll let you know if this love story is meant to be or not.

Until then, I think I need to take a shower.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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