JuJu Smith-Schuster Says That If He Doesn’t Get The Ball Enough On Sundays He Just Goes Home And Throws It To Himself On Madden

juju smith schuster madden

Getty Image / Shelley Lipton

JuJu Smith-Schuster is a talented and accomplished player on the field, but he’s also pretty damn talented with the sticks in his hands.

The Steelers wide receiver loves video games and has even streamed with the likes of Drake and Ninja over the years. This season, the NFL teamed up with Amazon and Twitch to live stream Thursday Night Football games where some of the platform’s most well-known personalities essentially hung out with viewers and watched the game with them.

Flashback to Week 14, Smith-Schuster joined up with TimTheTatMan and watched the Bears – Cowboys matchup. A few days later, when Smith-Schuster was back on Twitch streaming, he let the world know just how much money he made for teaming up with the NFL and TimTheTatMan; he secured a bag of $100,000.

So yeah, he knows what he’s doing in the gaming world just like he knows what he’s doing on the field.

Smith-Schuster joined Pat McAfee’s show on Thursday morning and the two got to talk about gaming. Smith-Schuster and other NFL stars are taking part in a charity Fortnite tournament down in Miami ahead of the Super Bowl on Thursday. McAfee asked him if he ever plays as himself when he plays Madden and Smith-Schuster’s answer was perfect.

“After a Sunday game, if I don’t get the ball enough, I just go home and throw it to myself.”

Classic. Also, life must be pretty cool as a big-time athlete that can just ball-out on the field and also rip people up on a video game as yourself.

Being in a video game is, and always will be, one of the ultimate dreams for anyone that’s ever played a sport.

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