People Are Angry At UFC’s Julianna Peña After She Declared Herself The First ‘Mom Champ’ Because She Gave Birth Unlike Amanda Nunes

Al Powers/ ESPN Images

It didn’t take long in Julianna Peña’s reign as UFC champion for her to stir up controversy.

On Saturday night, Peña stunned the MMA world when she beat Amanda Nunes, who many consider the greatest female champion in the sport’s history.

During her post-fight press conference, Peña declared herself the first true first “Mom Champ” in UFC history because she actually gave birth unlike Amana Nunes, who adopted her child.

“I’m not trying to take anything for Amanda, she’s a wonderful mother but I gave birth to my daughter and I feel like for giving birth I am the first mom champ”

Fans immediately felt Peña was being disrespectful to Nunes with her comments.