Former Writer Reveals The WWE Was Considering The Worst PPV Main Event Idea Of All Time And It Involved Justin Bieber

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Kevin Eck, a former creative writer for the WWE, has been unleashing some interesting tidbits about his time in Stanford on his blog. Nothing scandalous, mostly stuff that would make fans go “oh for fuck’s sake!” or “oh thank Christ they didn’t try that!”

Today, Eck released a bombshell that would have EASILY been the worst wrestling idea of all time. No doubt. Worse than David Arquette. Worse than Robocop. Worse than…those are as bad as it gets but this would have been AWFUL.

According to Eck, WWE actually entertained the idea of letting Justin Bieber wrestle.

The idea was that Bieber would team with John Cena and Big Show to face the Wyatt Family in a six-man tag match that would have headlined SummerSlam in Los Angeles.

The proposed match was discussed among the booking team (which I was on) about five months before SummerSlam, but a deal with Bieber never came to fruition. I’m not sure how close it was to actually happening.

My concern at the time was that Cena teaming up with Bieber — who was making headlines for all the wrong reasons and most definitely would have been booed unmercifully by the WWE audience — would not have done Cena, the face of the company, any favors.

To address that concern, the creative suggestion was that Cena would become increasingly annoyed by Bieber in the weeks leading up to the match, but Big Show,  who would be portrayed as Bieber’s friend, would repeatedly play peacemaker.

After the babyfaces went over in the match, Bieber would be so obnoxious in trying to take credit for the win that Cena would hit the Attitude Adjustment on him for a big pop.

Well, first off, it might have been the first time in years that the entire crowd was behind John Cena but imagine Justin Bieber in a wrestling ring. With wrestlers! Doing wrestling things! He would have gotten killed!

On second thought…

[via Kevin Eck Wrestling]

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