Justin Blackmon Can’t Catch a Break, Arrested For Marijuana

Well, a rough offseason just got worse for Justin Blackmon. The Jaguars wide receiver, who is currently indefinitely suspended, was pulled over in Oklahoma for improper lane passing. Which he shouldn’t have been doing, because his car reeked of weed. Via TMZ.

According to the report, 24-year-old Blackmon admitted to having 2 blunts in the car — one smoked, one fresh. Cops searched the car and found the blunts … the fresh one neatly packed in a Swisher Sweets box.

That’s not gonna help his case with Roger Goodell.

UPDATE: Cops have released a video of his arrest. He says “this is going to be a big deal,” followed by the cop going “DUDDDDDDE?!”

[Mugshot via TMZ]