Super Worthy GoFundMe: For The Bro Who Escaped MLB Security After A Field Running Masterpiece (And Charity Too)

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Yesterday we chronicled the fantastic field running effort of Justin Buchanan, who took to the grass of Great American Ballpark and broke out a dead heat sprint towards center field, not stopping until he successfully evaded security and scaled the outfield wall, escaping the ballpark and later posting a selfie video of the incident on Twitter.

Yesterday, I said it was the “stuff of a fucking LEGEND.” I stand by the statement. What Justin Buchanan did is unprecedented and never before seen in an MLB stadium. Ever.

This morning, I awoke surprised to see a series of direct messages from the one-and-only Justin Buchanan who was gracious enough to hit me with a follow back on Twitter. As stated yesterday, well, Cincinnati police didn’t take his exhibition too lightly, and unfortunately every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

In this case, a warrant was actually served for Buchanan, so he did what every intelligible citizen would do staring the matter, and turned himself in. Kudos. He’s a smart kid, and he’d openly stated he understood consequences could arise, and that he’d deal with them when confronted. In part, promising his mom that if the stunt went awry, his savings for a car would take the hit. That’s dedication to the game.

Well that time has come, and now Justin is looking at a charge of criminal trespassing in a professional sports event. With it carries a heavy fine, and of course, legal fees for representation. Yesterday I suggested a GoFundMe might be the route to go with this whole thing, and lo and behold, one of Buchanan’s friends went all in with the same idea.

The goal to raise $8,000 for legal fees and sorts, but Justin was very clear when speaking with me that any penny raised over the goal will be turned over to charity.



I’m not here condoning you run onto the field during an MLB baseball game by any means, but I did just give this kid $15.00 for his efforts because they were magnificent. Not only was it entertaining for literally any fan of baseball or sports in general, but it lit Twitter on fire because it’s not something you see everyday. Simply put, what Justin did takes A LOT of balls, and you just can’t overlook the effort or the good intentions this kid really has.

He’s a 19-year-old who lost a bet with his best friends and manned up to the consequences because that’s what you do when you’re 19 and goofing off with your friends. Now, he has the story of a lifetime that he can share with his grandchildren someday AND it can have a totally happy ending if everybody just threw a few dollars his way. Hell, the MLB should throw in a few bucks too because you know this prompted a revision of the security policies at Great American Ballpark and other stadiums league-wide.

If this thing goes en fuego and viral like Justin’s video did, then it goes to a GREAT philanthropic cause. Everybody wins.

If you’re still reading, thank you, and you can CLICK HERE TO DONATE to Justin Buchanan if you haven’t already.

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