Justin Fields Surprised A Bears Fan Who Used The QB As Inspiration To Survive A Gunshot Wound

Justin Fields visits gunshot victim

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  • Justin Fields visited a gunshot victim who credited the quarterback for helping him survive the incident
  • Scott Morrow is a diehard Bears fan who said he was motivated to pull through because he didn’t want to die without getting to see Fields take the field for Chicago
  • Read more about the QB here

I thankfully don’t have intimate knowledge of what goes through your head after realizing your body has been on the receiving end of a bullet. However, I imagine most people who’ve suffered that fate can relate to the story of a Chicago man who used the thought of the things he still had to achieve in life to survive a scary ordeal that unfolded in June.

According to Block Club Chicago, music writer Scott Morrow was heading to a friend’s apartment last month when he was shot in the back after a gunman opened fire following a minor car crash that occurred in the vicinity of where he was walking. The 41-year-old recounted what was going through his head while he was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, recalling:

“I just kept thinking about all of the family and friends I didn’t want to leave behind, and all of the things I still have to do: ‘I’m working on an album. I can’t die before this album gets done.’ And stupid stuff like, ‘I can’t die before I see Justin Fields on the field for the Bears’; just trying to focus on all of the stuff that I’m looking forward to, and thinking about my mom.”

During an interview with 670 The Score, Morrow elaborated on those thoughts, saying, “Pretty much all of Chicago has gone our whole lives without even having great prospects for a franchise quarterback. I can’t die before seeing Justin Fields take the field.”

The diehard Bears fan is currently recovering at his parents’ house after undergoing multiple surgeries stemming from the damage he suffered as a result of the wound. On Monday, he got one hell of a surprise when Fields paid him a visit and presented him with a jersey he can rock when he’ll get to see his dreams come true this fall.

What a guy.

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