Justin Rose Bet A Ryder Cup Fan $100 That He Couldn’t Make A Putt. Fan Stepped Up And Sunk The F*cker.

The Ryder Cup can’t get here fast enough. Having it start on a Friday instead of on a Thursday like a regular Tour event is agony. I am DYING for some action. For some European ass to be kicked.

The waiting doesn’t seem to be a problem for those on the grounds at Hazeltine, though. Even during the practice rounds the environment has been electric. And today, Justin Rose brought a fan on the course and bet him $100 that he couldn’t make a 15-foot putt. To the guy’s credit, he was up to the challenge and dropped that fucking putt.

To be honest with you, even the thought of having to attempt that putt in front of thousands of people has my heart racing. No idea how that guy did it. He must be one cool-as-ice motherfucker. Nice work, buddy. Hopefully Team USA continues your trend of beating the Europeans.

[H/T Trevor Reaske]