Justin Thomas, Legend, Reveals That He’s Worn Sweatpants While Playing In Open Championships

justin thomas sweatpants british open

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It’s hard to argue with the fact that Justin Thomas, the new No. 1 player in the world, is one of the most stylish guys on the PGA Tour. He’s a big fan of the classic ‘golf look’ never going too crazy with his outfits, but he’s got to be comfortable out on the course as well based on a recent answer he gave during a press conference.

Ahead of this week’s PGA Championship in San Francisco, where temperatures are rather low, a reporter asked JT if he could compare packing for the PGA Championship and packing for The Open. It’s a simple, somewhat odd question, but Thomas’ answer was flat-out awesome.

“That’s a good question. It’s pretty similar. I would say both weeks, here you’re more likely to be wearing a short sleeve, but you’re pretty much looking at whatever that layering piece is is what you’re going to be in the entire day. But the thing is for the Open, you’re most likely going to be throwing a rain suit on with whatever you have, whether it’s that cold or whether it’s just raining. That’s what I’ve done many times.

“The one difference at an Open Championship is three of the four days I’ve just gone to the course in sweatpants and haven’t even put golf pants on because I know I’m just going to wear my rain pants over them the entire day.”

There you have it, Thomas has worn sweatpants during Open Championship rounds. That’s legendary stuff.

It makes sense, too, with the weather being consistently inconsistent during the Open and players wearing rain pants over their actual pants more often than not, why not take advantage and be extremely comfortable out there?

Here I am, feeling like a gross human when I wear sweatpants in the gym, and this man is wearing them in major championships.

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