Kansas City Chiefs Fan Pretends To Face-Fuck Patriots Fan With A Beer Bottle, Then Starts ‘USA’ Chant



You’ve got to feel for this New England Patriots fan. His team is getting totally humiliated by the Kansas City Chiefs and so is he. It’s has to be hell knowing that you can’t fight back, because if you do you will A) get your fucking ass beat because you’re massively outnumbered B) get dragged out by security and possibly arrested or C) turn green, gigantic, shred all your clothes except for the oddly durable patch of denim that surrounds your crotch and kill everyone with in a 1,000 mile radius.

Basically, this New England Patriots fan is in hell. A living hell. To top it all off, the semi-hot girl (bottom left corner in photo above) who looks appalled by the Chiefs fan pretending to face-fuck this poor guy winds up becoming amused halfway through the video. There is no hope for civilization. This is home now. This is where we live. “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A” EVERYBODY NOW!

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