Kansas City Chiefs President Threatens To Move Team To Kansas And Confuses Everyone Everywhere

Kansas City Chiefs President Threatens To Move Team To Kansas And Confuses Everyone Everywhere

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  • After the Buffalo Bills announced New York tax payers are funding a new $1.4 billion stadium the Kansas City Chiefs emerged as the next team looking for a new stadium
  • KC Chiefs president Mark Donovan signaled that he may move the team out of Kansas City and into the other Kansas City, which will confuse everyone outside of the Kansas Cities
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There was big news out of Buffalo when it was recently announced that New York taxpayers would foot the bill for $850 million of a new $1.4 billion stadium for the Bills. That will be the single biggest taxpayer contribution ever for an NFL stadium. From where I’m sitting, it sure seems like the Kansas City Chiefs saw that announcement and decided they wanted some of that taxpayer funding for privatized profits.

Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan recently took a shot across the bow in what’s sure to be a battle with the local government for a new stadium. He dangled a thinly veiled threat in front of the public that they would consider moving the Chiefs to Kansas City if they didn’t get what they wanted! Wait, what?

Statement From Kansas City Chiefs President Mark Donavan On Moving The Team

According to a recent report from SportsBusinessJournal, Chiefs president Mark Donovan said: “Pretty consistently, we get inquiries from the state of Kansas, [that] if you’re going to make a change, what if you brought the stadium here? So we’re looking at that as well.”

Where Do The Chiefs Currently Play?

Just like the New York Jets and Giants, the Kansas City Chiefs don’t play in the state that is in their team’s name. However, unlike the Jets and Giants who play in New Jersey, the Chiefs do actually play football in Kansas City, just not in Kansas City, Kansas. Arrowhead Stadium is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

For all intents and purposes, the actual Kansas City is in Missouri. That’s where the proper ‘downtown’ is located with most of life happening on the Missouri side of Kansas City. And over on the Kansas side there’s a lot of industry going on but it does extend out to the Sporting KC (soccer) stadium and the casino + speedway.

It seems like that region around where the Sporting KC stadium is located would be the most likely candidate for a new Kansas City Chiefs stadium should they ever decide to move the team from Missouri to Kansas.

Do The Kansas City Royals Factor Into Any Of This?

Adding to the confusion is the Kansas City Royals who also currently play in Missouri. Kauffman Stadium where the Royals play is 49 years old (it was built in 1973) and rumors of a new stadium for the Royals started circulating last Fall.

At that time, the Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt got out in front of the news cycle and said if the Royals receive any public funds (tax dollars) for a new stadium then the Chiefs would demand it as well.

How do Chiefs fans in Missouri feel about this?

What are we even talking about anymore?

If you’re confused, you are not alone. Most people don’t realize that the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals both play in Missouri. Former President Trump even congratulated the great state of Kansas after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. I’d reckon that less than 1% of the global population and less than 50% of the US population knows the Chiefs and Royals play in Missouri and not Kansas.

I imagine you’re leaving here more confused than when you arrived. But leave knowing the Kansas City Chiefs are currently considering a move from Missouri to Kansas, and it will continue to confuse everyone outside of the Midwest.