The Kansas State Football Team Hazed These Freshmen By Giving Them Horrifyingly Bad Haircuts

by 4 years ago


Having your head shaved into a stupid pattern isn’t the worst kind of hazing that could happen to you, unless you have a royally misshapen dome or a Gorbachev-like diarrhea mark on the top of your head. Then it would be a fucking disaster, and the reason why people call you ShitFace for the next four years of your life. But, in the grand scheme of all shitty things that are done to people when they are being hazed, this is getting off easy. At least these Kansas State freshmen can shave their hair sculptures away.

P.S. That guy’s head at the top looks like Joe Pesci’s in Home Alone after he got skull-fucked by the blow torch

kansas-state-haircut-1 kansas-state-haircut-2 kansas-state-haircut-3 kansas-state-haircut-5

[H/T A. Isaac]


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