Karl-Anthony Towns Sounds Off On His Nicknames While Discussing Nikola Jokic

Karl-Anthony Towns

Getty Image / David Berding

The Minnesota Timberwolves star, Karl-Anthony Towns, has a rather long name. For that reason, he has a list of nicknames that fans call him by.

However, it sounds like Big KAT is not a fan of his nicknames in the slightest.

During a guest appearance on Paul George’s podcast, The Podcast P Show, Towns started complaining about his nicknames while discussing Nikola Jokic.

As soon as he hears “Joker,” KAT can’t help himself.

I haven’t heard many people call him Big Purr, but maybe that’s a Timberwolves thing. Either way, Karl-Anthony Towns very clearly isn’t a fan of his nicknames.

As you can imagine, NBA fans across the league found KAT’s complaints to be rather hilarious.

The look on KAT’s face at the end of the clip is the best part.

I wonder if he likes Big Meow? Probably not.

Plenty of fans think his nicknames make sense.

Towns may have won some fans over.

Most of the time, nicknames are not given by choice. But KAT makes sense. It’s his initials. Plus, the fact he played for the Kentucky Wildcats doesn’t help.

I can understand not liking to be called Big Purr, or even Big Meow. But when your original nickname is Big KAT, what can you expect?

Maybe Minnesota fans will come up with a new nickname for their star center. If not, it sounds like Karl-Anthony Towns will be stuck with the same nicknames for the remainder of his career.