Watch Katie Nolan DESTROY A Co-Worker At Fox Sports Over Stupid ‘How To Land A Husband At The Masters’ Blog Post

Katie Nolan is an expert at putting people in their proper place: That’s what she excelled at for years while making videos for the Guyism Speed Round. Even though she’s hit the big time at Fox Sports, she’s not changing her ways: She put Roger Goodell AND the entire culture of the NFL on blast last year. Now with a Sunday night sports commentary/humor show on Fox Sports One, she’s calling out her fellow Fox Sports co-workers for writing silly things about women and sports

Last night she blasted a post by a writer named Rebecca Johnson called “How To Land A Husband At The Masters.” It’s pretty pandering and reinforces lame stereotypes about girls being thirsty gold diggers and/or going to sporting events NOT because they enjoy them, but because men enjoy them. Sports = men, therefore sports = husband.

Nolan called a spade a spade and went it on just how stupid that is. Watch her takedown above.

Fun thing: Katie Nolan’s audition tape from 2011 for Guyism.

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