Katie Nolan Wins The Internet: ‘The NFL Will Never Respect Women As Long As The Sports Media It Answers To Doesn’t’

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Fox Sports

If you’re not familiar with Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Back when she was doing videos for Guyism, I actually had the pleasure of working with Katie for a couple of months here in our office for a few months before she got the opportunity of a lifetime to be huge star at Fox. She’s the shit.

In a day of hot takes all over the Internet RE: Ray Rice and the NFL, Katie just might have the most explosive one, pointing a finger at sports media institutions like ESPN, Fox, NBC, and CBS for all-too-often delegating women to roles on the sidelines vs. in the booth or with a half-hour opinion show.

Nolan’s take is a brilliant essay on why the NFL’s good-ole-boys culture isn’t just a League problem, but a societal/media problem with how football-as-entertainment is packaged to media consumers as a whole. Very few people with a brain can ignore the rampant sexism that exists in how sports are produced on television.

Why should women in sports media only be relegated to roles giving injury updates on the sidelines and not in the booth? Sports is entertainment, so why shouldn’t the packaging of the product evolve to include something a little more female friendly?

Here at BroBible, we applaud her for pushing this agenda forward. Bravo and onward.