Kate Upton And Justin Verlander’s Wedding Photos Are Here And It Looked Like Quite The Festive Affair

kate upton justin verlander wedding photos

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Remember when Kate Upton and Justin Verlander got married back in November right after the Houston Astros hurler won the World Series? (All thanks to Upton’s suh-weet custom “Verlander” jean jacket, in my opinion.)

Yeah, well, apparently with Upton being an in-demand model and Verlander’s $162,000,000 guaranteed from his last contract with the Detroit Tigers, they still need a little more cash because they sold their wedding pics to Vogue magazine.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t money that prompted them to do such a thing. Maybe they just felt like they weren’t famous enough and needed to do this to finally get a little attention.

Either way, the wedding photos are out and from the looks of them it seems like pretty much the only thing that was missing was Gronk dancing with his shirt off.

“It was really important to Justin and me that it feel like we were on vacation with our closest friends and family,” Kate explains. “We set up an entire afternoon dedicated to interactive games, which we called the Uplander Olympics. Each guest received game-day rules, and everyone was divided into teams with custom Under Armour jerseys. The games included a ping-pong tournament, cornhole, a football toss, relay races, and an epic water balloon fight!”

For the rehearsal dinner that night, Kate and Justin asked their guests to dress in red. Kate wore a red Valentino gown and Justin sported a custom-made red tuxedo jacket. “Our mothers created a slideshow of our childhoods that went all the way up until the present day, and they showed it at the red party,” says Kate. “Then, we had an open mic for toasts, and it kept everyone laughing all night.”

Sounds like a party to me.

Check out the rest of the wedding photos along some riveting tales about the event over at Vogue.