Time Travel Back To When 9-Year-Old Katie Ledecky Was Smiling Ear-To-Ear After Meeting Michael Phelps

If any of us are lucky to meet our sports idols it would be such a profound moment and leave a lasting impression on us. However, most of us meet our sports icon and suck at the sport so it really has no positive effect on our development and we play right field and can’t wait for the Little League game to be over so we can get snowcones. So it is rare to see one future gold medal-winning Olympic athlete meet another gold medal-winning Olympic athlete when they are a kid.

Katie Ledecky has won two gold medals in Rio, one in the Women’s 200m freestyle and another in the Women’s 400m freestyle, plus a silver in the Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay. The 19-year-old even broke her own world record in the 400m. Before she was winning all of these medals, she was in awe of the greatest American swimmer. A 9-year-old Katie Ledecky once met a 21-year-old Michael Phelps and she could not have been more thrilled. Darren Rovell has the photographic proof.

But Katie wasn’t done proving she has far superior celebrity photos than you. When she was a toddler she met the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

Know how many gold medal-winning Olympic athletes and all-time great basketball players I met when I was a kid?


Thanks a fucking lot mom and dad.

Of course, the MJ pic got the Crying Jordan treatment.

Rovell also had this take on Ledecky.

Which led to this.

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