Katie Nolan Awesomely Spoofs ‘Ladies Night’ In Sports With ‘Men’s Night At The Ballpark’

This might blow some of your minds, but sporting events aren’t just for men. They’ve traditionally been this weird masculine domain where dudes can guzzle beer and fart hot dogs into their bleacher seats, *but* the reality is that they’re for everyone. And if you think the idea of professional sports in 2016 is an all boys club space safe space where dudes can be dudes, you’re doing a disservice to the millions of lady sports fans who just want to go to a game and enjoy themselves too. Teams don’t need to advertising patronizing “Ladies’ Nights” to get women to show up and buy pink merchandise. They are fans just like anyone can be fans. Here’s how she puts it, as transcribed by College Spun:

I thought we were done with this tone-deaf trend of teams’ ‘events’ for women and making them a huge pandering mess. I thought we were done in 2013 when the Astros hosted a Ladies’ Night, when women could learn about baseball and enjoy complimentary beauty treatments. I thought we were done in 2015 when Ladies’ Night in Nationals’ Park featured a dance contest and [a “There’s no crying in baseball, but there’s plenty of wine”] promotional poster. And I thought for sure we were done this time last year when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers launched [the RED Women’s Movement].

“Here’s the thing…and I know it sounds crazy…Women can enjoy sports for the same reasons as men.”

Katie Nolan is very good at making this point in her Fox Sports Garbage Time rant above. But then she and her producers take it the extra step by spoofing how ridiculous “men’s night at the ballpark” sounds.

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