Kawhi Leonard Treating Kyle Lowry Like A Scrub During Post-Game Handshake Has Caused An Entertaining Overreaction From NBA Twitter

Harry How/Getty Images

Nobody is more petty than NBA Twitter. Tom Petty himself is less petty than this social media species. There is no perceived slight that goes under-reacted. No trade rumor un-exacerbated. No conspiracy theory not dubbed science.

A Monday night game between Kawhi Leonard’s Clippers and his ex-team was no different. After a 98-88 Clippers victory in Los Angeles, Kawhi Leonard was all smiles in embracing the teammates he conquered NBA’s grandest prize with just five months ago.

But when Kawhi approached his former point guard, Kyle Lowry, the smile washed away and their interaction was a bit terse.

Now, a reasonable judger of this interaction could easily conclude that the two didn’t genuinely connect directly after the game because they’d link up after for dinner like real friends do. This is not the time for your rational, thoughtful hogwash!

Here, we prefer the chaos to the calm.

How many seconds from now will a report come out about Kawhi and Lowry plotting to murder each other in Toronto? I give it one refresh on Ric Bucher’s Twitter feed.



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