Report: Lakers Have Not Aggressively Pursued Kawhi Leonard Trade While Clippers Make Acquiring Leonard A ‘High Priority’

Disgruntled Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard has made it known that he wants to play in his hometown of L.A. next season when he demanded a trade from San Antonio. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers have yet to aggressively pursue Leonard as they await a decision from LeBron James.

The Lakers have not been really aggressive in the last few days with San Antonio. This isn’t the type of negotiations with teams where everyone is upping the ante, it’s been slow building. Maybe the Lakers want to see how this plays with LeBron. The Spurs have a threshold and it’s very high for a Kawhi Leonard deal, they’re not giving him away. They’re going to be willing to walk away from this frenzied period of free agency and still try to play the long game of trying to repair their relationship with Kawhi.

While the Lakers have been hesitant to make a move for Leonard it seems like their rivals, the Clippers, are going to be much more aggressive in trying to make a deal with the Spurs for Leonard.

Unfortunately the Clippers don’t appear to have enough assets to interest the Spurs at this moment but who knows what San Antonio is thinking right now.

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