Kawhi Leonard Looking Like He’s Being Held Hostage During Corny Stadium Groundbreaking Ceremony Is Pure Comedy

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

If you or someone you know live in the Inglewood area, please head over to Intuit Dome and free and Kawhi Leonard.

He appears to be held hostage and forced to participate in the one thing he hates most in this world: manufactured joy.

The Clippers organization broke ground Friday on their $1.8 billion arena slated to open ahead of the 2024-2025 season, which apparently is a reason to celebrate? I guess when your franchise hasn’t made a Finals appearance in 50 years and get handled by the Suns in 6, a sunny day reason enough to party.

For our sake, thank the basketball gods the cheery celebration went down because it gifted us with one the funniest 15 seconds of the NBA offseason.

Paul George is at least giving a courtesy head nod, Kawhi looks like he’s the subject of the happy birthday song from the crew at Coldstone Creamery.

P.S. Is this the worst song in the history of the ear drum? Holy hell, Ballmer you’re worth $98 billion and the best you can do is the band who sings the holiday Macy’s commercial? Cuban would’ve resurrected Marvin Gaye.

Stay tuned, Kawhi. Next up, trust falls!

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