The Kawhi Leonard ‘WHAT IT DO, BABYYYY” Meme Is One Of The Funniest NBA Memes Of The Year

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images



There’s no doubt that phrase has been uttered thousands of times in the past couple weeks across Canada as its citizens orgasm. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any “WHAT IT DO, BABIEEEEEE!” tattoos from our friends up north.

Nick Nurse went on the record to squash the public opinion that Kawhi Leonard is actually a robot and described the two-time NBA champion as ‘the funniest guy in the film room,’ while citing an incident when Nurse attempted to pump his team up before a playoff game by telling war stories from his D-League coaching days. Nurse claims that Kawhi jumped in in the middle of the story and said, in a monotone voice, ‘The D League? I’m done listening to this story.’ RICH!

“WHAT IT DO, BABIEEEEEE!” is an extension of that seldom revealed personality, and the saying proved to be a lovely meme template as we are on the cusp of what promises to be a wild free agency.

Let’s all laugh before some of our fanbases cry.

I think there’s only one thing left to be said here: WHAT IT DO, BABIIIIIIIE!

[h/t For The Win]