Kay Adams Tries Her Hardest To Pronounce ‘Louisville’ Ahead Of Kentucky Derby

Kay Adams

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Sports media personality and former Good Morning Football host Kay Adams is Kentucky’s capital of Louisville for the 149th Kentucky Derby.

The Up & Adams host is going viral on Twitter after sharing a video of her attempt to pronounce ‘Louisville’ like a local.

The correct pronunciation is easier written than said. It is pronounced “Loo-uh-vul” like a local.

Kay Adams is all dressed up for the Kentucky Derby festivities (not getting a champagne bath) but is still struggling to nail the pronunciation:

This is probably the correct way, right:

‘Low-ville’ is definitely wrong. This teacher was trolling:

If you want to ensure everyone around you knows that you’re not a local or from the South, pronounce it ‘Louis-ville’ and gauge the reactions.

Here are the two most common ways to pronounce it:

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people who didn’t grow up in or around the South tend to struggle with replicating a Southern drawl.

Likewise, people who grew up in and near the South often struggle with the pronunciation of other languages. Much of this is anecdotal but I did take a few language classes in college that touched on this so it’s not entirely anecdotal.

Kay Adams is from Chicago, Illinois which is only a 4-5 hour drive from Louisville, Kentucky but when it comes to accents they couldn’t be any further apart. Hence why she appears to struggle mightily with the pronunciation of ‘Louisville.’

Meanwhile, Kay Adams is reporting live from the Kentucky Derby with Warren Moon:

The old jerseys are coming back?! Sounds great for Titans fans.

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