Keith Olbermann Takes Down Sochi Olympics in One Quality Rant

by 5 years ago


Keith Olbermann is as blow-hardy as blow-hards come, but he does a decent job here of summarizing the insanity currently greeting athletes and journalists in Sochi, Russia, the borderline dilapidated site of the most expensive Olympic games in history. As reported yesterday, more hotels are unfinished than not three days from the start of the Games, and writers have been greeted by fascinating cultural sights upon arriving in them—like stray dogs living in their hotel rooms. They’ve also been horrified to find death squads wiping out said stray dogs.

(One sidenote: Olbermann’s segment is helped by the fact that no one fucking enjoys complaining about free travel more than sports reporters. Giving unfinished hotel rooms to a group of writers with Twitter accounts is like force-feeding a junkie every schedule 1 drug in existence. This is what they were made for.)

If anything, Olbermann goes easy on the Games: I count no mention of the slopestyle snowboarding course that’s been deemed “too dangerous,” or the well-publicized gay rights issues, or even the weather conditions in the summer resort turned inexplicable winter destination. It’s currently 45 degrees in Sochi. That’s higher than Jackson, Mississippi, a town I’ve visited that was so hot I had to wipe when not crapping.

And Olbermann ends with calling for a boycott, because he’s Olbermann and he fetishizes the word “boycott.” Screw a boycott. Who doesn’t want to see this disaster happen?

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