Falcons’ Keith Smith Sent Us Bank Statements Proving He Eats Chipotle Up To Five Times A Day, And Got Chiseled From It

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Falcons fullback Keith Smith revealed on our Endless Hustle Podcast last week that he consumes Chipotle ‘four or five times‘ a DAY, which would lead a reasonable man to conclude that Smith is either:

A.) Lying
B.) Crying out for help

“You won’t believe it but most people who know me know it’s legit.

I actually eat Chipotle about four or five times a day. This is not a joke. Four or five times a day I got my bowl. Same thing every time. I get chicken and a side of rice and then I get a side of beans.”

Being the intrepid journalist I am, I reached out to the 28-year-old San Jose State product to see if he could verify his unnerving claim by sending along bank statements proving his addiction. Eat my shorts, Anderson Cooper.

Keith bravely sent a series statements along spanning from September 1 to November 6.

Below you’ll find the most recent 12-day period, with the Chipotle spend amounting to $429.13.

Via Keith Smith:

The total spend for the entire three-month period totaled $2,122.85, or roughly $23.60 every single day.

While it’s logical to find this concerning, Smith claims the All Chipotle Diet took him from 17% body fat three months ago to 10% body fat today. God has a sense of humor.

Keith Smith

But how is Smith’s reliance on the Mexican fast-casual chain affecting his loved ones? We investigate below.

Listen to our entire interview with Keith Smith below.

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