Bro Spends A Day Surfing With Kelly Slater And Bethany Hamilton, Which Is #LifeGoals

Every Bro dreams of doing the thing they love with a personal hero. Like play a game of HORSE with Lebron or noodle on the guitar with Clapton. For me, I like to eat. Sometimes I cook, but mostly I eat. Earlier this year I got to hang with Adam Richman (of Man vs. Food fame) while he cooked me a his iconic “hangover” egg and cheese sandwich. That hour in the kitchen listen one of the highlights of my career here at BroBible.

UPROXX’s Travel, Food, and Adventure editor Steve Bramucci just checked a huge item off his bucket list: He hit the water with legendary surfers Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton, learning quit a bit about life along the way. He perfectly captures what it’s like to shred with two of the biggest legends in the surf:

One of the most interesting, engaging things about professional surfing is the “stars are just like us!” factor. If you surf relatively often, you will have surfed with a pro surfer. It’s not a question of if, but when. On the other hand, unless you live near Rucker Park, you can play basketball your whole life without going up against an NBA star. I think it’s one of the reasons why surfing fans so often call their heroes by their first names — they feel like they know them to some degree (first name basis is reserved for a select few in other sports).

Stop whatever you’re doing and go read Steve’s whole essay over on UPROXX…

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