51-Year-Old Ken Shamrock Is Absolutely Ripped And Of Course The Internet Is Calling Shenanigans


Ken Shamrock is back in fighting shape, though I’m not sure he was ever really out of shape, in preparation for his MMA return bout on June 19th against Kimbo Slice. The former UFC and WWE star posted the above photo to his Twitter accounted the 51-year-old is absolutely shredded.

Naturally, the moment any man posts a photo looking a little too ripped, the internet begins to toss accusations around that the current nature of the physique is due to medical enhancements and not straight diet and exercise. And to those doubters I say “shut the fuck up, jealous bastards.”

Sure, Shamrock is 51 years old but it’s the DUDE’S JOB to be in shape. And he’s been in amazing shape almost his entire life. It’s even easier for him now to get cut up since he eats nothing but tapioca pudding and Nilla wafers. Kidding.

That fight against Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138 should be something else. All of Ken’s friends at the nursing home are going to be at the edge of their wheelchairs while watching on TV!

[via SeScoops]