HOT DAMN: Watch Texas Longhorns Freshman Kerwin Roach Touch The TOP Of The Backboard

// the fuck. Seriously. What the fuck. How does someone of the same species as you and I jump that high? I have two legs. I squat(ted) before in my lifetime. I’m more or less the same height as Kerwin (6’3”). If my family’s lives were on the line and my sole mission in life was to touch the top of the backboard, I’d be the last one carrying the Keohan dirtbag bloodline going forward. Even if I quit my job, stopped eating like shit, and had world-class trainers, I just don’t have it in me. That’s a sad realization to come to. Especially when you realize this kid is no older than 17 or 18. I could be his uncle.  RUB IT IN SOME MORE, DUDE. 

There still may be hope for a 28-year-old burnout like me. This is Vince Carter at 38-years-old.

vince carter


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[h/t Bleacher Report]