Watch Anaheim Ducks’ Center Kevin Bieksa Get His Tooth Blasted Out In World-Class Hockey Fight

Edge-of-your-seat entertainment. But this is what’s wonderful about hockey, not necessarily the fighting in itself, but petty shit never makes headlines. We spoke for almost a week about Cam Newton dancing on the Tennessee Titans grave and people being butt hurt about it. Even in baseball, that tired ‘integrity of the game’ circular discussion took away from Jose Bautista and one of the most boss acts of showmanship in MLB History. Only in the NHL can you beat your opponent’s face in and tap him on the ass at the end out of respect. This is the shit our country was built on. If we’re aiming to Make America Great Again, Kevin Bieksa and Mike Fisher are holding the torch.

This is an oddly beautiful GIF. You throw some Bach or Mozart in the background with that haymaker, it becomes art. No two ways about it.

[h/t Deadspin]

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