Kevin Durant Defended Devin Booker’s Double Team Outburst By Getting In A Twitter Argument With A Random Dude, Naturally

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You know it’s the dog days of the offseason when Devin Booker getting double teamed in a pickup game sparks a two-day existential debate.

But we can’t change time, so lets overreact to it.

Yesterday, we brought you the news of the 22-year-old scoring machine getting salty about being double teamed in a pickup game that included Ben Simmons, Joakim Noah, Tony Snell, and some others.

“Hey bro we not doubling in open gym. I get that shitt all season. Come on man. Let’s work on our game,” Booker said when a second defender aggressively came to trap him in the corner.

On Wednesday, Kevin Durant, one of the handful of scorers in the league who eclipse Booker, defended the young millennial by getting in a long-winded Twitter argument with a random dude. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Andre Iguodala chimed in from the bleachers.

Now Trae Young? Shouldn’t these dudes be out on a yacht drinking champagne? This is for us losers in life to debate!

Enter Jameer Nelson:

Gilbert Arenas took the opportunity to teach Booker a life lesson while also showering praise on himself. Booker responded to Agent Zero’s criticism and has officially convinced me that his double-team outburst was warranted.

I haven’t seen this much talk about double-team since my last visit to PornHub. Make it stop.

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