Report: Kevin Durant’s Free Agent Decision Is ’90 Percent Made,’ According To His Buddy

The summer of Kevin Durant just continues to mix in fastballs with curveballs and other off-speed stuff, huh, guys?

After telling you earlier today that Durant was set to meet with the L.A. Clippers once NBA free agency starts at midnight tonight/tomorrow—who hoped to make him part of a Big Four—news comes out that KD’s longtime buddy says the one-time league MVP’s decision is already “90 percent made”—and that he’s OKC’s to lose.

Per The Undefeated:

“His decision is 90 percent made. It would take an amazing sales pitch to change it,” said one of Durant’s longtime friends.

Another Durant colleague said, “It’s going to take some sweet-talking to get him to pass up all the money he can get by staying in OKC.”

The 27-year-old Durant can make the most money by re-signing with the Thunder—whether for one season or multiple years—so this probably isn’t a huge shock. Still, until Durant crosses the “Ts” and dots the “Is,” Thunder fan will fear he won’t be back.

No one wants to see a repeat of what happened in Cleveland when LeBron bolted to take his talents to South Beach in 2010, so let’s hope this, indeed, has a happy ending for Thunder fans.


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