Kevin Durant Fires Back At Ex-Celtics Player Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis For Appearing To Threaten Kyrie Irving Over Logo Stomp

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  • Kyrie Irving sparked outrage by stomping on Celitcs logo after game 4 of Celtics-Nets series
  • Former Celtics players Kevin Durant and Glen “Big Baby” Davis blast Irving for the logo stomp
  • Kevin Durant fires back at Davis for appearing to threaten Irving
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Former Celtics player Glen “Big Baby” Davis has a bone to pick with Kyrie Irving

On Sunday night after game 4 of the Nets-Celtics series in Boston, Irving walked over to the mid-court logo to stomp on it.

On Monday morning, former Celtics’ great Kevin Garnett reacted negatively to the video of Irving stomping on the logo.

Garnett’s former teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis went one step further and warned Kyrie to stop with the antics before “somebody gets hurt in real life” Davis’ comment prompted a quick response from Irving’s teammate Kevin Durant.

Kendrick Perkins, who played with Davis and Garnett, didn’t seem as annoyed by Irving’s logo stomp.

“When you’re competing and you’re getting booed and people are chanting at you, and you come in there and drop 40 points, I don’t know how a person may overreact and I don’t how a person will celebrate…It wasn’t like he kicked Brad, or talked noise to the bench, I can’t tell Kyrie how to celebrate after he just had a monster night after getting booed and people chanting things at him”