Kevin Durant Has Some Very Harsh Words For Fan Who Chirped Him During A Game

Kevin Durant Swears At Fan Who Chirped Him During A Game

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  • Kevin Durant couldn’t stay quiet after a fan told him to take control of the game
  • The Nets star swore at the spectator while telling him to sit down
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Over the course of his time in the NBA, Kevin Durant has made it very clear that he has no problem clapping back at anyone who rubs him the wrong way.

That includes the many members of the media he’s ripped into over the years, but he also has no problem waking up at 6 A.M. while competing in the Olympics to roast someone on Twitter—the same platform where a random middle schooler caught a brutal stray from KD last year.

Durant may be a proud Keyboard Warrior, but unlike many people who prefer to talk smack from behind the safety of a screen, he’s equally willing to fire back at anyone who pisses him off while staring them straight in the eye.

On Wednesday night, one fan learned that the hard way while sitting courtside at the Barclays Center during the showdown between the Nets and the Mavericks. With Brooklyn about to head into the locker room with a three-point lead at halftime, a spectator decided to tell Durant, “Kev, you’ve got to take this game over.”

It’s safe to say KD was not exactly thrilled to be on the receiving end of that unsolicited piece of advice, as he immediately fired back by saying, “You’ve gotta shut the f—k up and sit down” (a comment that generated a fantastic reaction from the referee standing on the baseline).

Never change, Kevin. Never change.

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