Kevin Durant Hung Out In NYC This Weekend, Might Be Having Second Thoughts About Knicks

All it took was a weekend trip to New York and dinner with Carmelo Anthony to change Kevin Durant‘s mind about possibly joining the Knicks. And the Derrick Rose trade had something to with it.

Once at the top of the “no way in hell” section of potential teams, Durant has changed his mind about the New York Knicks after the Derrick Rose trade and a weekend hanging with Melo. USA Today reported that the Rose deal, and development of Kristaps Porzingis, helped to swing Durant. The prized free agent landed in NYC last week, made an impromptu stop at the Nike Store in Midtown, and then watching the Dyckman Basketball Tournament.

Durant will be the top player on the free agent market this summer and it’s expected he’ll decide his own fate fairly quickly. He’s got a scheduled trip to Europe on July 9th. The front runners for Durant right now are his already home team Thunder and the Golden State Warriors.

Teams can officially start yapping to free agents on July 1 and can formally sign them on July 7.

[via NY Post]