Kevin Durant Just Got A Giant Tattoo Of Tupac’s Face On His Leg, May Or May Not Be Going Through Quarter Life Crisis

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Kevin Durant's new tattoo #2PacForever

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I mean. I don’t want to be too quick to judge because I believe tattoos should be treated like new hairstyles: give it 7-10 days to process and get used to it and if you still hate it, then it truly is an abomination. Like the first time I saw Natalie Portman with a shaved head in V for Vendetta, I almost took her poster off my wall. Fast forward a bit and I’d almost prefer Natalie go full Mr. Clean. Time adds perspective.

But I don’t know if I can get used to this one. Not because the tattoo’s ugly, which it is, but it’s lame to get a leg sleeve of a dude who doesn’t even stand on the podium of your all-time rapper list.

I can only imagine the conversations he’s having with his friends.

Friend: …sick bro. Pac your favorite rapper?

KD: No.

Friend: Second favorite?

KD: Nah.

Friend: Third?

KD: Think I should get a motorcycle?

Real talk, the real MVP is the tattoo artist for being able to fit Pac’s face on these toothpicks.

I’m just giving you shit, KD. I’m sure Tupac would appreciate the sentiment.

Take it from me, the dude who got a Kylie Jenner tattoo on his hip. For all eternity.

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