The Nets May Have Lost Series Vs Bucks Because Kevin Durant Wears His Shoes One Size Bigger Than His Actual Shoe Size

Basketball is a game of inches and unfortunately for Kevin Durant, the way that he likes to wear his shoes on the court may have contributed to the team’s 115-111 overtime loss against the Bucks in game 7.

On Saturday night, Durant made an incredible shot near the three-point line while down two points to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Durant’s foot was touching the three-point line during the shot which is why the basket only counted for two points. You can see how close Durant was from eliminating the Bucks in the pic below.

While speaking to the media Durant said he thought he had won the game with the shot but then saw that his “big ass foot” stepped on the line.

After the game, ESPN’s Royce Young recalled that Durant once told NBA writer Chris Herring that he wears a full shoe size larger when he plays basketball compared to his actual shoe size.


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