Kevin Durant Was Once So Pissed About A Skip Bayless Tweet That He Almost Punked Skip Out On National TV

Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Six

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Skip Bayless—with all of his outrageous, trolling, controversial opinions—has a way of getting on people’s last nerve.

One of those people is Kevin Durant, who has criticized Skip in the past and, according to ESPN’s Royce Young, even tried punking Bayless out on national TV following a playoff game after Durant read a tweet from Bayless that left him heated.

That’s right, KD was so upset with whatever it was Bayless said that he tried trolling a troll. That’s pretty ruthless.

Young, who wrote an interesting piece about Durant the other day, adds that the one-time MVP reads everything as motivation, almost using it as fuel when he’s out ballin’ on the hardwood. And, in this particular instance, it nearly prompted him to encourage another reporter to bring it up at a postgame press conference so he could burn Bayless.

While some pro athletes tell fans and media that they don’t pay attention to media, fans and social media trolls, Young makes it clear that Durant’s not one of them—so it’d be wise to avoid making one of the top-5 ballers on the planet mad, Skip!

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