Kevin Durant Gets Brutally Honest About His Own NBA Legacy

Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Kevin Durant has received some flack over recent years, as he’s never been able to win a championship ring without help from Stephen Curry.

Charles Barkley seems to pick at Durant’s legacy in the NBA all of the time, as the Phoenix Suns star and Hall of Famer butt heads constantly.

Well, Kevin Durant finally spoke up about how he feels about his NBA legacy, and let’s just say it’s not really what you would expect.

According to The Athletic NBA, Durant just wants to hoop, perform well, and hang out with his family. He claims he doesn’t “care about legacy.”

I’m not going to lie. Kevin Durant has the same mindset I had back when I had my sales job. Let me hit my quota and go home!

All jokes aside, it’s interesting to hear a superstar-caliber player admit this. Players at his level, past and present, typically claim all they care about is winning a championship.

Giannis Antetokounmpo certainly feels that way. He even made a joke about it directed at Kevin Durant!

But hey, everybody is different and strives for different goals.

In a way, I totally understand where Durant is coming from. It’s not like he’s saying he doesn’t care to win a championship. The guy just wants to ball out and go home.

What’s wrong with that?